Slipper Of The Month For March 2017

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Waiting for you patiently every time you get home exhausted after work, does never complain about smelly socks, is always loyal and surrounds you with coziness and warmth. Have you guessed who?

So, let´s see..maybe your faithful dog or your cozy cat? Ah, one more clue, what you are looking for is in a lot of cases washing machine friendly. and dog out then. And hubby or wife obviously not or at least not for the moment 🙂

So, what is left??

Yes, you got it, it can´t be anything else than a cozy and warm pair of slippers which your feet love sliding into to signal that you are back home at last!

Yes, we love our slippers, too. Those comfortable and warm ones that make our toes relax, stretch and feel totally free after hours of being jailed in oftentimes uncomfortable shoes.

In order for you to have an enjoyable experience of wearing good quality and suitable for you slippers, in this blog we recommend different options of slippers and review them presenting their most important features, but each month we will also be doing something a little more different and let´s say exclusive!

Every month we will choose one pair of slippers (or of indoor and outdoor footwear) to be our slipper of the month! So, what is the slipper of the month?

It is a slipper that, based on different criteria, we love our feet to slip into and feel relaxed and super comfortable.

For March 2017, we chose a bootie slipper since it’s still cold and our toes can’t do so easily without the coziness and the warmth that a good quality bootie can offer.

And, of course, there are a lot of stylish good quality bootie slippers to make your house life more pleasant, but for this month we chose:

MiYang’s Vintage Arctic Solid Indoor Boot Slipper

Bootie slipper MiYang´s Vintage Boot Slipper looks quite stylish and is warm enough because of the rich fur inside.

It is made of cotton, has a rubber sole which makes it great for short trips outside, and looks comfortable and sturdy.

Also, did you know that it can be machine washed? The color we chose is dark blue but there are other nice looking options as well such as coffee, green, pink and rubber red!

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