Pali Hawaii Women´s Classic Jandals Sandals Reviews

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Pali Hawaii Women´s Classic Jandals Sandals

At first sight, I must say that I was really impressed to see the huge number of reviews this plain plastic sandal gathers, but after some research, I found out the reasons why Pali Hawaii Women´s Classic Jandals Sandals, formerly described as unisex, are really so popular.

So, these Pali Hawaii Jesus Sandals or 'Jandals' belong to one of the most popular sandals in Hawaii and most people find them very comfortable and lightweight. As to their looks, you are either going to fall for them in the first place or simply ignore them.

We will look more at all the positive as well as negative reviews of the users, but first let me keep you informed about a recent update to this product´s description.

Up to recently, these plastic sandals were described as unisex but now they are titled as women´s sandals. I am doubtful as to whether this change came from the actual company since in the information provided further on, there are still instructions on how to choose the right size for men and for women.

These sandals are 100% vegan-friendly and made of rubber. This is the reason why a lot of people buy them to use them as shower sandals.

They are available in ten colours but from what I have seen, most people go for the brown shades or the black version. So, let´s see what people actually love about these sandals and what they don´t like.

What do the positive reviews say about Pali Hawaii Sandals?

People seem really excited about these plastic sandals and apart from those positive features that makes them a good purchase and one might find in other sandals as well, I think it is this link to Hawaii that makes people so enthusiastic about them or maybe their unique design as well that makes you always remember them.

Users love their inexpensive price and review that they are very comfortable and lightweight. The fact that they are all plastic makes them waterproof and good to be used as shower sandals.

The rubber feels soft and flexible and people also like that they are durable and wash up well.

These cheap plastic and stylish sandals are not completely flat but their arch is not so high so you cannot describe it as supportive but still, some people find walking in them ¨cushy.¨

What do the negative reviews say about Pali Hawaii Jandals?

Some users mentioned that if you wear these sandals for long, they make your feet sweaty. There were also few people that found their rubber smell quite strong when opening the box.

The footbed is textured with some small bumps at the arch which some people don´t like and find slightly uncomfortable while others think that this feature prevents them from slipping.

While some people say that there is no problem picking up the right size, there are a lot of others who comment that they run small and they recommend ordering a size up. They also add that these sandals might not be a good fit for people who have wide feet.


Pali Hawaii Women´s Classic Jandals Sandals Reviews are really positive in their majority, and the few negative comments that were mentioned by the users, apart from the sweating factor, are really not that significant in my opinion.

Finally, ordering the right size is something you need to pay attention to as well as the colour you want to receive.