How To Prevent Toenail Fungus Naturally

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How to prevent toenail fungal infectionToenail fungus is a common infection but some people are more prone to getting it. It depends on your health condition, age as well as your lifestyle.

For example, it is said that older people are more vulnerable than kids to toenail fungal infection.

Also, humid living conditions are the ideal ones for the appearance of fungi.

Hereditary reasons can be responsible for frequently getting nail infections as well.

As prevention is always easier than treatment, knowing how to prevent toenail fungus naturally is really valuable and probably a lot easier than treating stubborn toenail fungus once you get it.

Here are some natural effective ways to prevent its appearance:

  1. Pat dry your toenails thoroughly after each shower. Fungus loves humidity and heat, so beware! Even spending a long time in water can be a negative factor.
  2. Avoid walking barefoot in humid hot places like pools, locker rooms or public showers. Fungi love moist warm areas.
  3. Wear open toe shoes as much as possible especially if you have a tendency to sweaty feet because this type of shoes keeps your feet dry. Also, avoid tight-fitting shoes.
  4. Do not share nail clippers or foot towels with other people. They may have a fungal infection such as ringworm or athlete’s foot which are contagious. According to the American Academy Of Dermatology, having athlete’s foot increases the risk of getting nail fungus.
  5. Often change socks and shoes if your feet become sweaty.
  6. Don’t cut your nails too close to the skin. Fungi usually get into the skin through a small cut which surrounds the nail, a crack in the nail or even a separation between the toe and the nail.
  7. Protect your nails from injury.
  8. Boost your diet with plenty of healthy antioxidant foods that strengthen your immune system and make your organism less vulnerable to fungal infections.
  9. Exercise more. Poor circulation can lead to toenail fungus and exercising helps boost blood circulation.
  10. Avoid contact of skin that has an infection such as ringworm or athlete’s foot.

In conclusion, preventing toenail fungus naturally takes less effort and time than treating it, so following some healthy foot care tips might not be such a hassle to you. Always remember to keep your feet dry because fungus loves moist areas.