How To Have Healthy And Pretty Toenails

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Healthy and pretty toenailsHealthy toenails are not those ones that are perfectly colored with a great nail polish but often what is under that nail polish is what really makes your toenails healthy and strong.

Your toenails should be smooth and look healthy without a nail polish or a lacquer on in order for your lacquer to look awesome as well.

So, let’s see now how to have healthy toenails. Apart from some tips we will give you here, keep in mind that a balanced and rich in nutrients diet is also very important for strong toenails.

Deal with Peeling Toenails

Daily contact with harsh cleansers can lead to the peeling of the nails. Also, try to keep your toenails short because they become more vulnerable once they grow bigger.

For dealing with the peeling off, you can use natural oils which are great for moisturizing and nourishing your toenails.

Good natural oils for toenails are olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil, macadamia oil, maracuja oil, tamanu oil, vitamin e oil and more.

Also, look for products that are rich in vitamins and will make your toenails stronger, shinier and healthier.

Strengthen Thin and Brittle Nails

Hand nails but also toenails can become dry and brittle. Hand nails suffer because of all those harsh detergents that you use when washing the plates but both hand nails and toenails can suffer by getting artificial nail enhancements such as acrylic or gel nails.

Apart from the fact that you expose yourself to many harmful chemicals which you can even inhale while doing those enhancements, another problem comes when it is time to remove those acrylic nails which can most of the times damage the nail bed.

It also takes at least 6 months for the new nail bed to replace the old and damaged one.

Another con is that having acrylic nails added to your natural nails for a long period of time doesn’t let the latter breathe and that results in the nails becoming thin and brittle.

Thus, a good way to strengthen your hand and toenails is to stay away from acrylic nails as much as possible and use natural oils and good quality nail products to strengthen them.

Avoid products that are full of chemicals including formaldehyde and if you are using nail polishes, look for 3 free or 5 free nail polishes.

Treat Acute Paronychia

Minor hand nail or toe nail injuries while you are getting a manicure or a pedicure can lead to the so called acute paronychia which is a painful infection that in serious cases can be followed by swelling and pus.

The problem lies when we try to remove the cuticles of the infected area with abrupt movements. Those cuticles are there to protect the nail so by removing them, we leave the area unprotected and vulnerable to all kinds of bacteria.

In this case, you can, once a week and after shower while the skin is still damp, push the cuticles inwards gently with a wood stick cuticle pusher.

Then, follow with a moisturizing nail oil that you apply on the area while at the same time giving a soft massage to your nails.

Get rid of Yellow Toenails

The use of dark colored nail polishes without the former use of a protective base coat is the main reason for the yellow color of the nails.

So, if you don’t want this dull yellow color to stay on your nails for long, remember to always apply a base coat before the nail polish and change the shades of your nail polishes from dark to brighter ones.

Also, try to keep your toenails lacquer free for as much as possible so that they can breathe, and the perfect season to do this is of course the Winter.

In certain cases, toe nails are yellow because they are affected by nail fungus, so it is important to determine whether the yellow color is due to the over use of nail polishes or a nail fungus.

For more information on toe nail fungus, you can read our tips to get rid of toe nail fungus.

All in all, these were some common problems your toenails can have and useful ways to deal with them successfully so that you can enjoy healthy and beautiful looking toenails.

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