Home Foot Recipes For Tired And Swollen Feet

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Long hour standing, improper shoes and excessive weight can lead to tired and swollen feet. The good news is that you don’t need a specialist to tackle these foot problems since there are some easy home foot recipes to relieve your foot fatigue and deal with swelling.

So, let’s have a look at those DIY recipes to relax your feet and feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Natural Foot Baths and other Remedies for Fatigued Feet and Swelling

1) For this recipe you will need a pumice stone, thick salt, a little vinegar, one foot exfoliating cream as well as a foot moisturizing cream or a gel.

First, rub your heels with the pumice stone without overdoing it because if you rub a lot, you will reduce the protective layer of the foot skin and your heel skin can become more sensitive. When you finish, wash your feet using an antibacterial foot wash, if you think it is necessary, or just plain shower gel.

At this time, you can make a foot bath by adding some thick salt in warm but not hot water and 2-3 table spoons of vinegar to prevent fungus.

You can also use a scrub for feet to remove dead skin cells and make your heels softer. Once you finish, pat dry your feet gently but carefully to be sure there is no humidity left especially in between the toes.

You can now apply your foot moisturizer and for some extra hydration, you can put on a pair of clean cotton socks.

2) Pour some water in a big bowl and mix two spoons of sea salt, a few drops of lavender essential oil and a spoon of olive oil.

Soak your feet in the water and wait for twenty minutes until your feet relax and the skin softens. After you have finished with the bath, you can apply some drops of your favourite natural oil on your feet such as avocado oil, which is great for dry skin, almond oil, which is an effective moisturizer, or any other carrier oil you prefer.

Massage your feet with the natural oil and apply some light pressure on specific points of your footbed which will relieve any tiredness or pain you are feeling.

You can learn more about applying pressure on specific spots to relieve your body tension and foot fatigue by looking for some videos and tips.

3) For this home foot recipe, you will need 2 table spoons of thick salt, 3 table spoons of baking soda and 3-4 drops of rosemary essential oil or peppermint essential oil.

The thick salt improves the circulation while the baking soda offers relief and has antibacterial and deodorant properties. Rosemary oil rejuvenates and reduces muscle pains while peppermint oil boosts blood circulation.

So, let’s see what you have to do. First add the salt and baking soda in a large bowl and pour around 5 litres of warm water inside. Finally, add the essential oil drops and soak your feet in the water for approximately 15 minutes.

4) The same way you prepare the previous foot baths, you can also make a foot bath by adding some sea salt in warm water and some drops of mint essential oil as well as rosemary which will relax you and make your skin softer.

5) When your feet are in pain, you can get some relief by rubbing them with a mixture of water or fresh lemon juice and some white vinegar.

6) For muscle pain, one essential oil that works great and is not so well known is Frankincense essential oil which also has antiseptic and astringent properties and works very well for toe nail fungus.

Just pour some drops on your feet and massage them gently applying some light pressure on specific points of your footbed.

7) This recipe relieves the foot pain after sitting or running and makes the skin soft and smooth.

All you need to do it is mix a cup or milk (you can try canned coconut milk,) with two spoons of honey, apple cider vinegar as well as some bath salt, and there you have it, a good natural foot pain reliever.

8) In case of foot aches, homemade compresses using herb infusions can help. Good natural compresses for foot ache relief are the ones made by rosemary herb, mint, spearmint and chamomile.

Natural Mask for Swollen Feet

The ingredients you will need is two cucumbers, two table spoons of olive oil and two table spoons of fresh lemon juice.

Cucumber reduces foot swelling but also rejuvenates and hydrates the skin. The olive oil is good for moisturizing the skin while the lemon has antiseptic properties and helps boost circulation.

Add all the ingredients in a mixer and run it until you get a puree. Separate the mixture equally into two plastic bags and put your feet inside the bags. Wait for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with cold water. You can now apply your foot moisturizer and apply some light massage to your feet.

In conclusion, following some DIY home recipes for tired and swollen feet can help you get some quick relief and offer you some minutes of complete relaxation. Natural foot recipes are also good for moisturizing your foot skin and making it soft while they also prevent toe nail fungus in a lot of cases.

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