Body Lotion vs Body Oil Benefits For Skin

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Body oil vs body lotionIf you love dry skin oils for the body and you are wondering about the benefits of body lotion vs body oil, you have come to the right place.

Here you will find out all about the differences between body lotion and body oil, and what each one can do for your skin.

And if you still can’t decide which one to choose, in the end of this article, we have a practical solution that will clear your dilemma.

What Do Body Lotions And Body Oils Have In Common?

Body lotions and body oils can both boost the ability of our skin to hold moisture. They also improve its texture, making it smoother and softer.

Depending on the product, both of these products can nourish the skin deeply although natural oils can provide more long term nourishment than lotions.

They can also protect the skin from various threats such as sun damage, aging, pollution, bacteria, temperature fluctuations and more.

By boosting the health of the skin barrier, the upper layer of our skin, they make it more resistant to all of the above skin threats.

That is how both body lotions and body oils are very important for improving our skin’s health and keeping it younger looking.

Body Lotion Benefits

  • Body lotions are water-based products which contain various emollient, moisturizing and skin nourishing ingredients such as vitamins, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, aloe vera and more.
  • They are suitable for every type of skin but there are formulations specially designed for dry skin, itchiness and peeling, sensitive or sun damaged skin.
  • There are also anti-aging body lotions that do not contain just moisturizing ingredients but are enhanced with anti-aging components to reduce and prevent signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and age spots.
  • Body lotions have a different texture or consistency. Some are lightweight and absorb fast while others have a thick texture and a rich consistency. The thickness of the product does not guarantee that it will be more effective at moisturizing and nourishing your skin. Personally, both of my most favorite body lotions are of medium or light consistency, so it all depends on the formula of the product and not on its consistency.
  • Body lotions absorb faster than body creams into the skin.
  • They almost instantly make skin smooth and soft.
  • You may need to use a body lotion more than once every day depending on the needs of your skin or how often you shower.

Body Oil Benefits

  • Due to their lipophilic composition, they penetrate the epidermis easily and fast, strengthening the protective barrier of the skin and preventing loss of moisture.
  • They are especially recommended for dry types of skin but all types of skin can benefit from body oils. In specific, if you are a fan of carrier oils for body skin care, you will find that there are oils recommended for each type of skin. For example, jojoba oil for oily and acne-prone skin, avocado oil for dry and mature skin or rosehip oil for aging skin.
  • When applying the oil to your skin, you can use some massage movements which offer some additional benefits such as boosting microcirculation and helping tighten the skin.
  • Body oils often contain vitamins, fatty acids and other antioxidants that have a rich anti-aging function.
  • A very small quantity is enough to moisturize and nourish even dry types of skin.
  • If you like mixing and creating your own dry skin oils, you can do different combinations with carrier oils and essential oils which you will love. Essential oils are great for relaxation and relieving stress, so they are great to use at the end of the day to reduce tension and help you unwind.
  • For better absorption, use them after having a bath while your skin is still damp.

Still Difficult To Choose?

If you are still not convinced of whether a body lotion or body oil is best for your skin, there is another alternative. You can mix a few drops of oil into your body lotion and enjoy the benefits of both.

Personally, I like using body oils during the summer and autumn when my skin appears to become dry and needs some extra nourishment.