Acorn Women’s Novella Slipper For May 2017

Spring slipper

If you are finally getting into the mood of the spring season, but your winter slippers hold you a bit back, there is nothing better than a bright looking spring and summer themed lightweight slipper.

Acorn Women’s Novella Slipper has it all! A beautiful refreshing design, a cushioned insole with a small padded arch support and a rubber weatherproof outsole which is good for your short trips outside.

In addition, this footwear is vegan and has a cotton upper that wicks away moisture, something which is great for warmer months.

The different designs available are really unique, fun and so stylish that you will feel like wearing them all the time in and out of the house as an outdoor shoe.

Pretty slipper

Also, you might find it too difficult to choose one since all the patterns look really pretty.

Users are really pleased with the quality, fit as well as looks of this slipper. A lot of them have actually mentioned that they really like them because they don’t look like slippers, which is a great feature.

They are nicely padded and are very comfortable and soft. People wear them all year round since they are warm but without getting too hot. For people that do not like very warm slippers in winter, these are perfect.

In general, they are more appropriate for spring, fall or summer with an AC on.

They are beautifully sewn, easy to slide in and well made without any seams rubbing in the wrong spot.

Stylish slipper

Users love their beautiful patterns and bright colors as well as the fact that they are lightweight. In fact, lots of the reviewers mention that they have a lot of different pairs or they want to buy a lot more, which is fully understandable 🙂

All these features make this Acorn Novella Slipper perfect for Christmas gifts or any other occasion. There is no way people won’t love them when they get them as a present.

The only problem with this footwear is to choose just one, but then the solution is not difficult to find. You just start with buying two, and if you change your mind in the meantime, you can still offer one as a gift or you may keep them both.

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