6 Tips For Good Looking Feet In Winter

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Tips for good looking feet in winterIf you think of one season that your feet might look at their best, it should be summer, right?

But what about winter when the needs of the skin to be well moisturized and nourished increase.

If you tend to forget all about foot care in winter because your feet are usually hidden in thick warm socks, here are 6 tips for pretty good looking feet in winter.

And remember, the more you care for your feet during those colder months, the easier it will be for them to slide into those pretty sandals of yours being healthy and beautiful.

Get Rid of the Rough and Extreme Dry Skin On the Feet

You might have noticed that during wintertime, it is more possible for the heels of your feet to be rough and dry.

The same thing can happen at the sides of your feet and under your toes. That happens because of the friction caused when wearing tight shoes or when you have to move or stand a lot.

In this case, you will need a good pedicure rasp which you can use during your bath or shower. Afterwards, you need to apply a good moisturizing cream.

There is no reason to buy a cream that is especially for your feet, you can use your usual body cream or lotion as long as it is moisturizing enough for use on the feet.

Natural oils also work wonders in terms of nourishing, moisturizing and repairing the skin.

Also, a good way to get rid of the rough skin on the feet is to exfoliate your feet. There is a large variety of effective exfoliators in the market that will help your feet be so smooth and soft that you will just love it.

After you have exfoliated and moisturized your feet, it is good to put some cotton socks on until the cream is fully absorbed.

Find more ways to get rid of dry cracked skin on the feet here!

Follow a Diet that is Good for your Toe Nails

Keeping your feet in socks and shoes for endless hours can make your nails fragile and dry but one of the main reasons for this condition is the lack of vitamins.

In this case, the best you can do it to enhance your diet with adequate amounts of foods that are rich in vitamins C, E, B12 as well as Biotin and Zinc.

Foods that contain those nutrients include meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, tomatoes, carrots and green vegetables.

Deal with the Calluses on your Feet

Calluses and rough skin on your feet are formed as a reaction of the skin to the everyday pressure and friction your feet are daily undergoing because of wrong shoes.

To prevent calluses from forming always choose good quality comfortable shoes that suit your foot shape. Also, avoid very high heels as much as you can and go for wider shoes.

To remove calluses, there are effective products in the market such as electric callus removers as well as callus remover gels and creams or dry heel eliminator products.

Cut your Toenails the Right Way

When you cut your toenails, use a good quality pair of pedicure scissors. Cut the nails in a straight line and at a length that reaches the tip of your toe.

Also, don’t neglect filing them at least once a week and preferably into a square shape.

Get Rid of Yellowish Toenails

Yellow toenails is an indication that you often use nail polish in dark shades. If you don’t apply any polish on your nails for one month, you will notice an immediate improvement.

Nevertheless, if the problem persists, you might have toenail fungus which can at its first stages be dealt with some essentials oils like tea tree essential oil or Frankincese essential oil.

Toenail fungus is very persistent if it is left untreated, so you may also need to see a podiatry doctor.

Keep your Feet Dry

The most common fungal infection on foot is the so called athlete’s foot which is caused by intense feet sweating due to high temperatures or humidity in shoes. Usual symptoms of athlete’s foot are intense redness and itchiness.

In order to prevent athlete’s foot, try to dry your feet thoroughly after your bath and especially between the toes. Also, always wear clean and dry socks.

keeping your feet good looking and healthy during winter can also turn into a spa like rejuvenating experience which will relax and make you feel good, so if you think about it, devoting some minutes of your busy schedule to your feet care is not such a big sacrifice if it gives you some time of tranquillity and relaxation, and makes your feet feel and look at their best.

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