14 Tips To Have Beautiful Legs And Nice Skin On Legs

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How to have beautiful legsWe all know how much beautiful legs can boost a woman’s appearance but the truth is that we don’t need to have Marlene’s Dietrich’s calves to feel good and attractive when wearing skirts or dresses.

The fact is that a lot of women avoid revealing their legs and it’s only when the weather becomes too hot that they can’t do otherwise but leave trousers aside.

Also, the long hours of sitting at an office in front of a computer or even at home watching TV, bad diet, obesity, stress, pollution and hormonal imbalances can lead to water as well as toxins retention, swollen legs, bad blood and lymph circulation, loose skin and even cellulitis.

So, in order to avoid these conditions and have more toned legs as well as supple soft and healthy skin on the legs, here’s our 15 tips to improve your legs appearance and have nice skin.

It just needs devoting some time daily, effective exercising and the right skin products.

Walk, walk, walk!

Walking is the simplest but most effective exercise for nice looking legs and calves, and the only thing you need is a pair of comfortable shoes for walking or even a pair of good flip flops for walking if it’s summer.

So, all you need to do is walk as much as possible and as often as you can. Walk at a fast and steady pace inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly. By walking daily for at least 20 minutes, you exercise your muscles, boost blood circulation and burn fats.

Also, the muscles that are energized with every step you make function like a pump and send blood from the legs to the heart, contributing to the faster removal of toxins.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that walking as a form of exercise should be done without breaks in between.

How about some Swimming?

Swimming in the sea or in the pool is the ideal way to tone your leg muscles. It is also an easier way to exercise since you don´t feel the real weight of your body and therefore you don´t get as tired as if you were exercising outside water.

Also, the results can be spectacular if you swim or do exercises in the water systematically all year round and not just during the summer.

From all different styles of swimming, the freestyle crawl is supposed to be the best way to exercise since it makes the calves thinner and tightens the thighs.

In addition, different types of exercises in water as well as walking have beneficial results on the body due to the water pressure, which exercises the muscles, and the low water temperature that helps the normal blood circulation.

If you take up swimming as a way to exercise, you need to gradually increase the duration of your swim. Frequency is also important. The ideal duration is to swim 30-40 minutes daily.

Swimming with flippers is also a good calf exercise.

Riding a bike is Fun!

Riding a stationary bike at the gym or a bike outdoors is the perfect exercise to tone and sculpt your legs. This is a workout that requires a lot of effort but if you keep at it, you will notice that your calves will become thinner and more toned.

Perform Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a specialized massage technique using gentle pressure to deal with edema, drain lymph nodes and help remove toxins from the tissues.

This type of massage usually lasts for an hour and when it is performed by professionals, it can have immediate and impressive results.


Seawater contains metals and minerals similar to the ones that our blood contains and that is why it is believed that thalassotherapy is effective at treating edema naturally as well as blood circulation problems.

Therefore, a lot of thalassotherapy centres, spas and hotels are integrating different thalassotherapy techniques to their programs such as special body and skin toning methods, seaweed treatments and others that aim at improving blood circulation, dealing with water retention and reducing calf swelling.

Now, if following such treatments is simply out of your budget, there is an alternative solution which does not cost anything and can be equally pleasant. All you need to do is, if of course you live near the seaside, daily walk inside the sea, water reaching up to your knees, for 20 minutes. That’s how you get a naturally toning massage.

Use special products for swollen and tired legs

Find specialized products for swollen and tired legs that are sold in the form of gels, oils or creams. These products contain plant derived ingredients, seaweed and various essential oils that have decongestant function and improve circulation in legs.

Their use on the skin does also offer immediate relief and makes skin feel fresh and rejuvenated.

During summer, wearing a good pair of flips flops with arch support can also help with leg pain and other problems.

Avoid High heel shoes

Wearing high heel shoes daily for long hours can lead to blood circulation problems as well as pain, so it’s better to avoid them. Wearing shoes with no heel at all can also be harmful.

Avoid keeping your legs crossed for long

Most of us cross our legs but what we might not know is that keeping our legs crossed for long is an unhealthy habit that affects circulation negatively.

Reduce consumption of certain foods and beverages

Reduce your consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol as well as sugar and replace them with foods and beverages that contain proteins, which are good for muscle build up, as well as vitamin E, which is good for boosting microcirculation.

Quick water massage

In the end of your shower, you can get a toning massage by directing cold water to your calves.

Dry body brushing and peeling

Dry brushing your body has many benefits for your body such as improving blood circulation, decongesting skin pores and getting rid of dead skin cells.

Using body peeling products and massaging the body with gentle circular movements promotes lymphatic circulation and at the same time removes dead skin cells, getting rid of rough skin and making your legs soft and smooth.

Moisturize efficiently

Remember that your calves’ skin has less sebaceous glands than the rest of your body and therefore it needs constant and intensive moisturization.

Always apply a moisturizing cream or lotion on damp skin after showering or even some effective natural oil or whipped shea butter, which for me works great for dry skin.

Especially after shaving your legs, don’t forget to apply some cream, performing a gentle massage on your legs and calves.

How about a nice tan?

One of the things I hate looking at when trying out skirts or dresses before summer season is my legs that are not tanned and I guess the same goes for many other women.

So, in order to have nice looking legs, you might need a self tan product or even a body bronzer. You can find some good options of natural self tanning products in the market today which is a good alternative to chemical laden products.

Legs also need sunscreen Protection

The area of the body which melanoma mostly appears is the calves and therefore it is very important to protect this area from the harmful effects of the sun.

Remember to daily wear a sunscreen and not just when you are on the beach. That’s how you reduce melanoma risk and prevent photosensitivity dermatitis, dilated capillaries as well as dark spots caused by the sun.

All in all, these are some tips not only for beautiful looking legs and skin on the legs but healthier as well.

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